Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teary Eye after Cataract Surgery

Question: My mother has a very teary eye after having cataract surgery in July 2011. She has been experiencing a very teary eye and it tears up often and produces sleep. She consulted with her physician and was told that it was due to allergies. Is there some other reason for this complication?

Answer: It would be difficult to give you much information about why the eye is tearing up after Cataract Surgery without having actually examined the eye. There are many reasons that tearing can occur after Cataract Surgery that can include dry eyes, inflammation of the eyelid margins called blepharitis which could have been there before surgery and just got more active after the operation, allergies, blocked tear ducts and a host of others. You do not state whether it is just in the operated eye or both eyes-this matters as well. Your best course of action is to seek a second opinion with another Cataract Surgeon if you are not satisfied with the answers and treatment you have been given thus far by your primary eye surgeon.

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