Monday, September 26, 2011

Different Lens Implant Colors

Question: I have a question about having two different color lens implants.I had cataract surgery in August 2011. My left eye was done first, with a yellow tinted lens implant. A problem occurred on my right eye two weeks later during cataract surgery and a clear lens implant was put in. There is a difference in color between the two eyes which does little to bother me, but I wonder if this is a common situation.

Answer: While it might seem that a person's eyes are completely symmetrical in shape and anatomy this is not always the case and thus from time to time the two eyes may respond differently to the same surgical procedure. In your case, for whatever reason or reasons your Cataract Surgeon elected to use a different type of Lens Implant in your second eye in order to get you the best possible results. In doing so, that Lens Implant may not have been available with a yellow tint.The color difference is so slight that most Cataract Surgeons wouldn't even bother to mention it to patients as 90% of patients don't even notice the difference. As you report, it does little to bother you so there is really no issue here. While this does happen from time to time it is not overly common-but it does happen.

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