Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cataract Surgery with Respiratory Problems

Question: I have a question about having cataract surgery with respiratory and pulmonary problems. My father needs cataract surgery and he is currently on oxygen for COPD and emphysema. His doctor advised him not to do it because of the complication of him laying flat. Is it possible to have cataract surgery with these conditions?

Answer: Most top Cataract Surgeons and top Cataract Surgery facilities are able to accommodate patients with respiratory problems such as those outlined in your question. Generally speaking, by using techniques of advanced "small incision" Cataract removal including phacoemulsification, "eye drop" topical anesthesia and movable operating microscopes most patients can have successful Cataract Surgery without pulmonary complications. That said, the decision to schedule your father for his Cataract operation MUST be made jointly by his Cataract Surgeon and Internist or Pulmonologist in order to be sure all necessary precautions are employed and he has a safe experience.

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