Monday, September 19, 2011

Decreasing Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I have decreasing vision after my cataract surgery in both eyes in 2010. The lens implant model was ZMB00 in both eyes. They do not work for me and my vision is getting worse and worse. My cataract surgeon wants to replace these with ReSTOR Lens implants. I have been reading about Crystalens, from what I have read Crystalens is what I think I would prefer, or going with the Monofocal Lens implant. I read one report that said if you have already had cataract surgery you were not a candidate for the Crystalens. Is this true and why?

Answer: The first order of business is to determine why your vision is getting worse and worse after your Cataract Surgery. This is probably not due to the type of Lens Implant that you have but is more likely due to perhaps posterior capsular opacification, also called secondary membranes, or possibly a change in the health of your Retina-in particular the Macula-or a number of other possibilities that need to be explored and a proper diagnosis rendered. Whatever the cause, it needs to be dealt with. If the decreasing vision is due to posterior capsular opacification and you require a YAG Laser Capsulotomy it would be important to consider that any type of Lens Implant Exchange-if one were to have one-is much riskier once the "capsule" has been opened with the YAG Laser. You need to fully discuss and understand the reasons for your decrease in vision with your cataract Surgeon BEFORE even thinking about a lens exchange and need to think long and hard about implanting any type of multifocal or accommodating lens implant as these types of lens implants require extreme precision in their positioning and placement in order to work to their fullest potential. This may or may not be possible as a secondary procedure for eyes that had Cataract Surgery in 2010.

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