Thursday, September 1, 2011

Choosing a Lens Implant: Toric vs. Multifocal

Question: I have astigmatism and cataracts and I am having a difficult time deciding between Toric and Multifocal Lens Implants. Price is not the most important consideration rather what will be best in my situation. I enjoy photography and wood carving hobbies. What do you suggest I do to decide on the best outcome?

Answer: Choosing a Lens Implant for vision correction after Cataract Surgery is very much dependent on the daily activities that you require clear vision for AND want to be able to do without being totally dependent on eyeglasses. Assuming that you are in fact a good candidate for both an astigmatism correcting toric lens implant as well as a presbyopia correcting near vision multifocal lens implant, the decision is really based on what you need or want to do each day without eyeglasses. If most of your daily activities use your distance vision-such as photography-then a toric lens would make a fine choice. You would most likely be able to drive, watch television, take photographs and generally be up and about without eyeglasses. If the greatest part of your day is spent performing tasks that are arm's length or closer then a presbyopia near vision multifocal lens might offer you greater freedom from eyeglasses.

Now, depending on the amount and orientation of the astigmatism that you have it is possible in certain cases to have a Multifocal lens implant with Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) or even LASIK to correct the astigmatism. Not to add to the confusion, but there are other potential options such as this for correcting BOTH the presbyopia-near vision-and the astigmatism after Cataract Surgery. Whether or not you are a candidate for these types of options is best decided by scheduling a consultation with a top Refractive and Cataract Surgeon in your area.

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