Monday, September 12, 2011

Floaters after Cataract Surgery

Question: I am suddenly experiencing floaters after cataract surgery. I had bilateral cataract surgery in February. All has gone very well so far but yesterday I woke up with floaters in my right eye only, that look like thousands of grains of black pepper and a few long, thick strings of the same black color. I've had CNS Lupus for 22 years and Type II Diabetes for 3. I'm on numerous medications, but none of them are new within the past month. Should I call my ophthalmologist or just check with her at my next appointment?

Answer: The sudden onset of floaters after Cataract Surgery can range in seriousness from not very serious if caused by a vitreous detachment with no retinal involvement, to somewhat serious if caused by a vitreous detachment with any associated retinal traction, retinal tear or hole-to very serious if there is an actual retinal detachment. You do not state whether you have any diabetic retinopathy and this too could enter the diagnostic picture as well. Not to overreact-but to use due caution-you should call your Cataract Surgeon immediately and be seen ASAP. Please be clear when you call regarding the sudden onset of the symptoms. While this is most likely not a serious set if symptoms it warrants careful and immediate examination and confirmation.

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