Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cataract Surgery Risks for Monocular Patient

Question: I only have one functioning eye and I need cataract surgery. I have a prosthesis for my right eye as a result of a childhood accident. Obviously I am very concerned about the health of my left eye. What are the risk I face by having cataract surgery on my only eye? As a result of having just one eye, should I look for a cataract surgeon who has specific training to my problem to insure the surgery doesn't incapacitate me?

Answer: The anxiety you feel and express regarding your situation of needing Cataract Surgery and being monocular are very typical for anyone in your situation. Further, the sensitivity to the situation is shared by any top Cataract Surgeon. The good news is that modern Cataract Surgery is extremely reliable and produces excellent results. That said, it is always possible to experience complications and so you do want to do your best to avoid any potential problems. The biggest error monocular patients make is in waiting too long to address the Cataract in the only good eye because mature Cataracts are associated with higher surgical risk. So as soon as the eye has vision not adequate to perform your daily activities to your satisfaction, surgery is indicated. Don't wait. There are actually no special considerations beyond a choosing the best Cataract Surgeon you can find who will conservatively and carefully perform your procedure. While the risks of the procedure itself are the same, the consequences to risks are great. So a skilled Cataract Surgeon with good experience and a good facility are key. It may be necessary to have not only one, but perhaps two or even three consultations in order to find the best Cataract Surgeon who meets your approval.

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