Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vision Problems after Cataract Surgery

Question:  I had Cataract Surgery in July and I am having problems with my left eye which feels like my eye is constantly dilated and it's like I'm looking through a dirty lens. My  Cataract Surgeon says everything looks okay and it's my brain playing tricks. It is driving me absolutely crazy. I have been back to my surgeon three times and he refuses to admit there is anything wrong. Please help what can I do?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no real way to tell why you are having the symptoms and vision problems you are experiencing without a thorough examination. Also, you do not indicate the type of Lens Implant that was used to correct your vision-which may be material to the problems. However, there are many other reasons including the possibility of posterior capsular opacification or even some irregularities in the posterior lens capsule that is typically left in place to support the Lens Implant. All of these items should be detected upon examination. Your best next step is to find the best Cataract Surgeon in your area and schedule an examination and consultation for a second opinion.  

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