Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glare after Cataract Surgery, Toric Lens Implants, LRI & LASIK

Question: I had cataract surgery with a toric lens implant for astigmatism. I also had Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) in both eyes and LASIK in the right eye. I have a great deal of glare in my vision in both eyes when I am in a bright light outdoors, indoors with lamps on or looking out a window.  It is MORE than a starburst effect that I was told could be a side effect.  This is relentless, morning noon & night.  My astigmatism is improved & my vision tests better but learning to deal with this is as bad as trying to see around my cataracts.  My doctors don't seem to want to address my problem.  Am I going to have to live with this?

Answer: It is not possible to tell what the primary source of your glare is and how to remediate it without a considerable amount of additional clinical information. But, for sure the number of surgical procedures you have had is highly likely to have induced some very complex optical aberrations in the cornea-at a minimum. These optical aberrations are often compounded by the additional surgeries. It is not clear why you needed LASIK and LRI procedures after having a toric lens implant, however one would suspect that the optical outcome was not as targeted. If your Cataract Surgeon and other eye doctors are not willing or able to address the glare, it would be necessary to find the best Cataract Surgeon in your area who is also a LASIK Surgeon and possibly even a Cornea Specialist. Schedule a consultation and request that the aberrations in your eye be carefully evaluated by aberrometry, as well as the shape of your cornea by topographic imaging along with general results of the previous surgery so a possible solution can be offered.

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