Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dry Eye Help for Cataract Surgery

Question: I have a severe dry eye and need cataract surgery. Is it possible to have cataract surgery and reduce the risk of ending up with even worse dry eye problems?

Answer:  To have the most successful Cataract Surgery and avoid the risk of increasing your dry eye symptoms you should find a Cataract Surgeon who will aggressively treat your dry eye before the Cataract Surgery in preparation for a bit of a challenge to the integrity of your tears and tear film after the operation. Depending on the status of your tears and ocular surface, the aggressive preoperative treatment of your dry eye might include increased use of a carefully selected artificial tears, perhaps insertion of punctal plugs, prescription eye drops to help you make more tears such as Restasis® eye drops and nutritional supplements that might include certain types of Omega fatty acids or other vitamins. Cataract Surgery in and of itself can disturb the tear film and cause dry eye symptoms, so it would be important in the post operative period to continue the full course of dry eye treatment for a sufficient period of time or perhaps even permanently.

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