Monday, October 22, 2012

Astigmatism Lens Implant Need

Question: Do I really need lens implants for astigmatism? My astigmatism is 1.00 D in the right eye and 1.5 D in the left eye. The cataract surgeon said both the basic lens implant would work but the toric lens implant will make things a bit sharper but costs $1,000 more for each eye. Will there be any noticeable difference with the toric lens implant?

Answer: Each cataract patient has a different tolerance to blur and defocus. However, depending on the  direction and the  orientation of the astigmatism it is possible that the defocus from the astigmatism will not only cause blurry vision but could also cause headaches and streaks of light at night as well as other distortions of light in dim or dark illumination. The astigmatism needs to be corrected. You can correct it by wearing eyeglasses after your cataract surgery, having a second surgery to correct astigmatism called Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) or by having a toric lens implant at the time of cataract surgery-but the  astigmatism should really be corrected in order for you to see your best and be most comfortable after the cataract operation.

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