Monday, October 1, 2012

Cataract Surgery Variable Vision

Question: I had cataract surgery almost 1 month ago but have variable vision so that my far vision is sharp in the morning but turns blurry within a couple of hours. I can see well up close but I wanted the far vision to be clear. Is there a way to tell if the wrong lens implant were used? If so can the lens implant be taken out and others put in their place?

Answer:  There is no way to tell why your vision is variable throughout the day as this is not typical after cataract surgery and lens implants. You certainly should discuss this with your cataract surgeon. It is not likely that an incorrect lens implant power would create this kind of variable vision, however if once your vision was stable there was in fact a need to adjust the implant strength, as long as your eye were healthy overall it should be possible to have a lens exchange at the direction of your cataract surgeon.

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