Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monofocal Lens Implants with Contact Lens for Near Vision

Question:  I currently use a contact lens in one eye to achieve simultaneous near and far vision. I am interested in having monofocal lens implants with my cataract surgery over which I would use a near vision contact lens to correct the deficit in near or far vision if I left the contact lens in all day. This is after all what I am used to now. I am fairly sure I want to avoid relying on having spectacles but could cope well with putting a contact lens in every morning.  I thought that the implant with addition of a contact lens might therefore provide good all round “crispness.” I didn’t grasp whether this scenario was a possibility.

Answer: It is possible to have monofocal lens implants and use a contact lens to correct the near vision. This is possible but begs the question as to if you are happy with a monovision correction, why not have the monofocal lens implant calculated with the monovision correction in the lens implants. This would allow you to eliminate the need for the contact lens. Your best next step is certainly to discuss this option with your Cataract Surgeon and see if it might be appropriate.

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