Monday, October 22, 2012

Eye Bruises after Cataract Surgery

Question: I had cataract surgery on my right eye 5 weeks ago and the corner of my eye was darkly bruised after surgery. Now 5 weeks after the surgery the bruising in my right eye has lessened, but now I have dark areas in both corners of my eyes next to my nose. I checked pictures and this was not there before the cataract surgery. I am certain and I and my wife would have noticed it. I saw my doctor and he said it’s not from the surgery, but I am certain it is. Is there an explanation. It may seem a little trivial but I am a fairly young cataract patient- 40 and do not like the way this looks and also my operated right eyelid is a little droopy. Is there anything for me to do or will these things go away in time?

Answer: While it is impossible to tell or understand without a clinical examination, the types of bruises you are describing after cataract surgery as well as the time course do indeed make it difficult to really relate it to the  a complication of the cataract surgery. The bruises and the droopy eyelid may be worth investigating by scheduling a consultation with an Oculoplastic Surgeon who is experienced in cataract surgery as well as the conditions, problems and structure and functioning of the eyelids and soft tissue around the eye and the  orbital area. He or she should be able to provide and examination and consultation to help better understand what is happening here.

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