Monday, October 31, 2011

Cataracts and Medicare Coverage

Question: Are there any requirements for Medicare to cover cataract surgery to remove my cataracts?

Answer: In general, if you have a Cataract that is visually significant in that it disturbs your visual acuity to worse than 20/40 or causes you problems with glare so that your vision is worse that 20/40 with the glare, Medicare will cover the cost of the Cataract operation including a portion, in not all, of the Cataract Surgeon Fee, the Cataract Surgery Facility Fee, the cost of a Monofocal Lens Implant and the necessary follow up care after your Cataract Surgery. Usually if there is a fee for the pre surgery office examination, consultation and IOL measurement you will responsible for a co-pay or a deductible. Should you require a pre surgery physical with your medical doctor, you might have to pay that physician's co-pay as well. In addition, if you require anesthesia, you may be responsible for the anesthesia co-pay and/or deductible as well.

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