Monday, October 10, 2011

Glasses vs Contacts after Cataract Surgery

Question: I see that some people are said to have to wear glasses after cataract surgery. I do not mind wearing reading classes but would prefer to wear contact lenses if necessary for distance vision correction instead. Is this allowed after cataract surgery?

Answer: With proper Lens Implant selection through careful consultation and measurement, the vast majority of people who have Cataract Surgery to day are not in need of glasses after Cataract Surgery for seeing at a distance. Even for those with astigmatism, it is possible to use astigmatism correcting toric lens implants to minimize or even eliminate the need for eyeglasses after a Cataract operation. Most patients find that if they need distance glasses it is usually only for a limited number of activities and not typically for full time wear. However, if you did require glasses after a cataract removal then as long as your eyes and tear film were otherwise healthy, you could elect to have your distance vision corrected with contact lenses after Cataract Surgery. Your Cataract Surgeon will be able to help you determine whether you actually will need glasses at all and whether contact lens correction is possible.

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