Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Images after Cataract Surgery

Question: Why do I have "images" after cataract surgery? I had cataract surgery in May on both eyes and have toric lens implants. When I look at round lights such as traffic lights, headlights, taillights or dots, I see a triangular shape in my right eye and a horizontal ragged line in my left eye. This is occurring night and day. Before surgery, I saw halos only around auto taillights at night. I had a YAG Laser procedure in August for a secondary cataract to correct the triangular shape in my right eye. It did not correct the image nor has it improved.

Answer: It is impossible to really tell exactly why you are seeing these images after Cataract Surgery without an actual examination as you are describing optical images that could be caused by one or more factors. First, although you had a YAG Capsulotomy to clear an opening in the "secondary cataract", it is possible that the shape and/or location of that opening is such so as to create an odd optical image by itself or in conjunction with other factors. Another factor that could cause or contribute would be a slightly imprecise location or rotation of the toric lens implants or even a small defect in the lens implant itself. Further it is possible that reflections off the edge of the lens implants called dysphotopsia could contribute. Last, there is the remote possibility of irregularities in the retina contributing-impossible to say without detailed examination. Any of these factors individually or together could create odd optical images. You need to discuss the images with your Cataract Surgeon to see if he or she can determine the single or multiple causes and hopefully offer options to minimize them. If you are unable to get a satisfactory answer then you may want to consider getting a second opinion from a top Cataract Surgeon in your area.

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