Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cataract Night Driving Glare

Question: I have a question about cataracts and night driving glare. I need new glasses I have cataracts and am almost blinded at night driving with all the cars lights is there a an optical lens that can help block the glare I am getting an eye exam in a week and would like your advice

Answer: If you are experiencing that significant a problem with night driving glare from your Cataracts you may very well want to consider having the Cataracts removed. The glare you describe can be debilitating and dangerous. regarding eyeglass lenses that cut glare, they are all really designed for daytime glare and not nighttime glare. While there may be some lens coatings that offer a minimal amount of night glare help it is not likely they will overcome the Cataract symptom glare you report. Further if they did it would mist likely only be temporary. A worthwhile step would be to schedule an appointment with the best Cataract Surgeon you can find and discuss the situation with them.

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