Monday, October 24, 2011

Distorted Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I have a question about why my vision is distorted after cataract surgery. I had cataract surgery 10 days ago. The sac had a tear in it and a piece of the cataract dropped into the back of the eye. At first the lens was very blurred (like a frosted window) then it cleared. 5 days after the cataract operation my vision was slightly distorted and has remained so. When I look at someone's face their head appears narrow and pinched looking. When looking at a picture the sides bend in the middle. As I have to have the other eye done I am very worried. I have been back to see the cataract surgeon twice and after having a scan and pressure test and eye test (which I could read very little) he could see no reason for this and didn't appear to have encountered it before. Can you tell me if this will last and what is the cause.

Answer: When a Cataract is removed, the "capsule" is typically left intact as a support for the Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL). In your case the capsule was torn which makes the Cataract operation even a bit more complicated as it often requires a procedure called a vitrectomy when the capsule ruptures. The fact that some lens material did drop into the eye adds yet another source of potential complications. The complications you have experienced are unusual but do happen from time to time. The "frosty" vision you experienced and the distortion you describe suggest that there may be additional complications in the vitreous gel in the back of your eye and/or the retina-possibly due to inflammation which could occur due to cataractous lens material being introduced into the vitreous gel as you describe. You do not say whether you are being treated aggressively with anti-inflammatory medications. However, it would be a conservative, cautious and prudent course to request a consultation with a retinal specialist sooner rather than later in order to determine the best course of action here.

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