Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cataract Surgery & Macular Pucker

Question: Can Cataract Surgery cause or result in Macular Pucker or Wrinkled Retina?

Answer: A Macular Pucker or Epiretinal Membrane can occur due to changes in the Vitreous whereby cells converge in the Macular area creating a tight transparent layer that can cause the Retina to "pucker" like a piece of "cellophane wrap" when it is under tension. This may result in a "bowing" or "bending" of vision.

It is remotely possible that Cataract Surgery could lead to a spontaneous Vitreous Detachment-which is generally benign-which could then lead to a Macular Pucker. What is much more likely is that a fine Epiretinal Membrane existed before the Cataract Surgery and after the Cataract Surgery if a tiny amount of Macular Edema (swelling) was present it could have gotten trapped by the Epiretinal Membrane and caused the pucker. Some Cataract Surgeons order an Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) test routinely before the surgery in order to be sure there are no fine membranes present-and some do not as it is often not covered by insurance or Medicare when there is an otherwise "normal" Retinal exam and many patients complain about the added out of pocket expense.

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