Monday, November 14, 2011

Heavy Lifting after Cataract Surgery

Question: If a person who had cataract surgery was told not to lift heavy objects but did, not thinking that it was that heavy, what would happen to their eye to let them know that they damaged their eye?

Answer: Most Cataract Surgeons tell patients to avoid heavy lifting or really excessive exertion of any type in order to prevent a short burst of pressure from building up in the eye or suddenly shifting or changing the position of the eye's delicate tissues during the healing process. While it would be unusual, depending on the time period of the exertion after the surgery, there is a range of adverse effects that can result including some leakage from the incision, traction on the vitreous gel in the back of they eye, dislocation of the Lens Implant and even a remote possibility of a Retinal Detachment. However, all of these are pretty unusual without a great deal of exertion. In most instances there would be some vision compromise that could be noticed. If you are the least bit concerned it would be worthwhile calling your Cataract Surgeon and scheduling a follow up visit just to make sure everything is stable.

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