Monday, November 17, 2014

Simultaneous vs. Sequential Cataract Surgery

Question: I was told that it is best to only have cataract surgery done one eye at a time and wait about a month between the two eyes. Is this correct?

 Answer: In general, most cataractsurgeons do prefer to do the cataract surgery and lens implant one eye at a time with a wait of anywhere between 1-2 weeks and 4 weeks between eyes. This gives them some sense of the healing process and refractive outcome and may give the surgeon information from which to modify or adjust the second eye procedure. Also, in the unusual instance where there should be an adverse event such as an infection or other complication it tends to be more manageable if only one eye is treated at a time. That said, there are instances and situations where in the cataract surgeon’s clinical opinion it might be better to do both eyes simultaneously rather than sequentially. The best thing to do is to listen carefully to the recommendation of your cataract surgeon.

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