Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monovision Lens Implant with Astigmatism

Question: Will a monovision lens implant for cataract surgery work if you have an astigmatism condition? If so, will an intermediate distance mono lens enhance the dominant eye long distance vision at all?

Answer: Depending on the amount of astigmatism and the expected amount you will have after cataract surgery, the astigmatism will most likely need to be corrected in order to have the best monovision cataract and lens surgery results. As it sounds like you are hoping to be either somewhat or completely independent of eyeglasses after your cataract surgery then using eyeglasses to correct the astigmatism is not a good option. There are really three options for you to consider-a) laser cataract surgery at which time the laser can possibly correct the astigmatism, b) an LRI or Limbal Relaxing Incision placed at the time or surgery or c) using a toric astigmatism correcting lens implants. Which is best really depends on your individual case and should be discussed with your cataract surgeon. Using an intermediate monovision lens implant correction will in likelihood give you sharper distance vision but will probably require you to use reading glasses for some finer close reading or near vision tasks.

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