Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Floating Ring Shadow after Cataract Surgery

Question: After my cataract surgery and lens implant surgery I am having a problem with seeing a ring like floating shadow which moves with the lens. What is this and will it go away? 

Answer: Without a clinical exam it is impossible to know for sure but it sounds like what you are describing could be some annoyance as you adapt to seeing the edge of the lens implant. Sometimes the lens implant edge can scatter light and cause a shadow or other types of visual disturbances. If this is accompanied by an actual decrease in your vision or a bending or distortion of your vision you should visit your cataract surgeon at once. Otherwise make sure that you keep your follow-up appointments and ask your cataract surgeon about it if you are still experiencing this shadow. In almost all instances patients become accustomed the new lens implant in a matter of weeks or months and then forget about the shadow.

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