Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Multifocal Lens Implant Results

Question: Why is it necessary to do both eyes if choosing multifocal lens implants?

Answer: Multifocallens implants and really any type of more complex lens implant design does seem to provide the best results only after them placed in both eyes. Within the brain you are accustomed to seeing with two eyes. by using a multifocal lens implant in only one eye it creates a less refined image quality with the visual cortex of the brain-just as your vision would be somewhat less precise if you needed bifocals and had only one bifocal lens place in your eyeglasses. Binocular vision helps the brain interpret images by sending more information. In most instances cataract surgery and lens implants in both eyes provide a better overall quality of vision and greater comfort overall as the two eyes are more closely balanced. Thus, even for those having routine simpler implants the visual result is better after both eyes have been done.

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