Monday, July 1, 2013

Lens Implant Exchange for Incorrect Strength

Question: I had cataract surgery on June 4, 2013. My cataract surgeon said he had put the wrong strength lens implant in and I would have to have another one put in, the sooner, the better.  How is this surgery in comparison with regular cataract surgery? In other words how difficult is it going to be to get the lens out and another one put in?
Answer: A lens exchange is necessary from time to time if, as you have experienced, there is a need to modify the lens implant power to improve the visual result for you. Assuming that there were no other complications, a lens exchange poses some of the same risks as any other cataract surgery in terms of infection and swelling-and some additional risks in terms of requiring careful manipulation and extraction of the intraocular lens to be removed. The biggest additional risk is damaging or tearing the residual crystalline capsule which is left in place to support the les implant. This requires a precise technique and with care, rupture of the capsule is typically but not always avoided. In the event that it does tear there are additional procedures and techniques that are used to make sure the new lens implant placement is proper and that you have a good result. Follow the advice of your cataract surgeon and have this lens exchange done as soon as possible as this does increase in difficulty the longer you delay. 

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