Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Toric Lens Implant Blurry Vision

Question: I had toric lens implants in my left eye 6 weeks ago and my vision in that eye is blurry. My focus comes in clear but doesn't last long. I had toric lens implant in my right eye 4 weeks ago (nearsighted) and it is fine. I can read fine. How long is normal recovery time for my left eye (farsighted)? 

Answer: It is not apparent whether you had monovision lens implants or one eye was nearsighted and one eye farsighted prior to your cataract surgery. In any case, after 4-6 weeks your vision should be stable and one must look for other reasons for the transient blurry vision. You need to return to your cataract surgeon for a careful examination to see if the lens implant power itself is accurate or whether it is rotated or even if there is a dry eye problem impacting the one eye to a greater extent. These should all be observations easily made by your cataract surgeon.

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