Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Progressive Eyeglasses after Cataract Surgery

Question: If I have cataract surgery and put in monofocal lenses for far distance, can I wear progressive lens eyeglasses to get 20/20 vision? Should I expect halos?

Answer: Progressive spectacle lenses after cataract surgery to correct near vision focusing problems-called presbyopia-are a reasonable choice with monofocal lens implants as they will allow correction of any residual refractive error as well. You will be dependent on these glasses for all close vision tasks. Whether you correct to 20/20 really depends on the overall health of your eyes and the results of your cataract surgery. In addition whether you experience haloes depends on your cataract surgery as well including the position of the lens implants and their centration during surgery as well as the monofocal lens edge design as these could all be factors.

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