Thursday, July 18, 2013

Droopy Eyelid after Cataract Surgery

Question: Can cataract surgery cause your eyelid to droop?

Answer: In a cataract aged population, eyelid position anomalies are not terribly uncommon-even without surgery. The muscles of the eyelids tend to become lax and tissue of the eyelids does tend to droop. Thus, many patients do not really notice a preexisting drooping of the eyelids before their surgery-especially if they wear eyeglasses which may shield the direct view of the eyelids. Now, during cataract surgery an eyelid speculum is used to help patients remember to keep their eyes open. Sometimes if the patient squeezes firmly or excessively against the speculum, it is possible to have some swelling and additional trauma to the eyelid muscles and tissue-resulting in drooping or Ptosis. The good news is that if it is disturbing or aesthetically displeasing, it is possible for your eye surgeon to perform an eyelid procedure to correct the Ptosis. However, most eye surgeons suggest waiting until both eye have had cataract surgery and there is a reasonable time for all of the tissue to heal and recover completely-perhaps as long as 6 months.

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