Monday, July 22, 2013

Blurry Blueish Film after Cataract Surgery

Question: I am two weeks + post cataract surgery in my right eye. My vision is blurry and appears to be a blueish film. My doctor says all looks perfect.  Vision tested at 20/60 worse than before the implant.  I am thinking of cancelling my second eye cataract removal which is now 20/40 with no correction. Not sure what to do.

Answer: Your situation requires further investigation and examination to determine the cause of your symptoms. These are not expected or acceptable and should give pause for scheduling the second eye surgery. There is a long list of possibilities but it is impossible to know from an e-mail. But many causes need to be considered including uncorrected refractive error, corneal problems such as dry eye or edema, posterior capsular opacification, macular problems such as cystoid macular edema, early age related macular degeneration (AMD), Epi-retinal membrane formation which is also called macular pucker-and more. 20/60 is too bad of a vision to proceed with the other eye unless there is a good answer as to why it is 20/60. The first step is to get a definitive diagnosis and treatment if necessary. If your current cataract surgeon cannot provide a clear diagnosis, you need to schedule an appointment with another cataract surgeon and get one before proceeding with the second eye cataract surgery.

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