Monday, July 22, 2013

Discomfort after Cataract Surgery

Question: Why do I have discomfort? My eye feels like it has a torn contact in my eye after having the cataract surgery six weeks ago?

Answer: It is impossible to tell why you have discomfort and a foreign body sensation after cataract surgery without a thorough examination. However, there are some possibilities to consider. First, you do not say whether a suture or stitch was used to seal the incision. While is this is typically removed before 6 weeks after your surgery, there could be a small stand of stitch left in place. It is also that you have some dry eye related symptoms that feel like a foreign body or even other ocular surface or eyelid problems such as follicular conjunctivitis. In any event you need to schedule an appointment with your cataract surgeon and ask them to give you a diagnosis and recommend a treatment as you should not be experiencing this during this phase of the healing process.

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