Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stop Taking Medicine Before Cataract Surgery?

Question: I am not sure whether to stop taking my medicine before my cataract surgery. I take Metaformin, Crestor, Azor and Metoprolor. One doctor says stop and the other says don’t stop. What should I do? 

Answer: It is unfortunate that you are not clear on whether to stop taking these medications before your cataract surgery. BY NO MEANS SHOULD YOU STOP TAKING ANY MEDICATION WITHOUT THE EXPRESS CONSENT OF THE PHYSICIAN WHO HAS PRESCRIBED THEM. Your internist or family doctor who has prescribed this group of medications for diabetes hypertension and cholesterol ad lipid control MUST contact your cataract surgeon and discuss whether it is absolutely necessary to discontinue one or more of the prescriptions. You do not state whether you are also taking aspirin and this would be important as well. PLEASE ask your cataract surgeon and your internist to speak to each other and give you CLEAR instructions as only they can know the potential interactions between medicines as well as the exact type of surgery to be performed and whether the discontinuation is important.

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