Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lens Capsule Complication & Poor Vision

Question: I had lens implants 2 years ago there was a tear in one of the sacks now I can only barely see through that eye. It’s like I have sleep in it all the time it feels dirty. Is there anything I can do to sort it out? I have had no luck with the cataract surgeon to repair the damage.

Answer:  Complications of lens implant surgery are relatively rare but they do happen from time to time. It is difficult to ascertain what exactly happened and whether the complication was limited to the lens capsule or “sack”, as you describe it, or perhaps was associated with other complications involving swelling in the macula, other adhesions, vitreous complications or a host of other possibilities. Based on the fact that you don’t seem to get much help from the cataract surgeon who performed the procedure, it might be worthwhile to find another cataract surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation for a second opinion. It might be possible to reconstruct the area that was damaged and perhaps rehabilitate some of the vision depending on the nature of the damage.

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