Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Distorted Vision & Spots after Cataract Surgery

Question: I am 51 and I had cataract surgery two months ago. My vision has not improved and is worse. It is blurry both day and night along with being all distorted.  I also have a lot of black spots and blotches in my vision. I can see this film moving all around when I look around. My cataract surgeon said the lens is fine it's just the gel that I'm seeing. What should I do?

Answer: It is difficult to know exactly what is happening without a careful clinical exam. However, from your description there are a number of things to be considered as to why your vision is distorted, blurry and you are seeing spots after cataract surgery. First, the inside of the eye is filled with a gel called the Vitreous. It is not uncommon for the Vitreous gel to shrink, collapse and pull away or detach from the retina after cataract surgery. In fact the studies suggest that more than 50% of patients who have cataract surgery do indeed experience some kind of Vitreous gel detachment or irregularity after cataract surgery. 

This phenomenon called Vitreous Detachment can result is the spots and perhaps the distortion that you are experiencing. The risk is whether the Vitreous gel is also pulling on the retina and even causing it to tear or detach resulting in “distortion”. This needs to be carefully examined. Also, sometimes people with continued blurred vision two months after cataract surgery along with a Vitreous detachment might also be experiencing some swelling of the Macula area of the retina. One would suspect your cataract surgeon has ruled these problems out through a thorough examination. If you are not clear or are not satisfied with the explanation being provided by your cataract surgeon it is never inappropriate to have a second opinion. Based on the symptoms and concerns you relay one might consider a second opinion with a retina specialist rather a cataract surgeon at this time.

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