Monday, April 22, 2013

Cataract Surgery after Vitrectomy with Macular Edema

Question: I had a vitrectomy and got macular edema in 2011. I now need cataract surgery. Should I and can I have cataract surgery if I have had macular edema?

Answer: You do not state why you needed a vitrectomy in 2011 and what the underlying cause was. A common cause of macular edema is diabetic eye disease and this might also necessitate a vitrectomy as well if there was a hemorrhage from diabetic retinopathy. Whatever the cause, if you have had a vitrectomy with macular edema, your cataract surgeon will assess the likelihood of a good visual result from cataract surgery with your retinal surgeon if there is any question. If there is a need to treat macular edema before or after the cataract surgery, your surgeons will recommend this as part of getting you the best possible results.

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