Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dizziness & Monovision Toric Lens Implants

Question: I have two toric lens implants for monovision-one set for distance and the other set for close vision but I still wear glasses for intermediate vision. I am very dizzy and have balance problems. Could it be the two different lens implants? Could they be replaced with other lenses to solve the problem? 

Answer: Monovision correction with lens implants can be a very good option for many patients to help with correction of both distance and near vision. Some patients are simply unable to tolerate the difference in the correction between the eyes as we say that they have a low “tolerance to defocus.” This may very well be a cause of the dizziness and the balance problems but may not be the sole cause or even the primary cause. You do not state your age or general medical condition. If you have any risk factors or a history of vascular problems, high blood pressure or stroke this must also be ruled out as well. Further, the improper orientation of astigmatism correcting toric lens implants can also cause what you describe. If the problem turns out to be the monovision correction from the toric lens implants, depending on the length of time since your surgery it may possible to perform a lens exchange and correct both eyes for distance or you may need a LASIK procedure to create a distance correction for both eyes. All of this should be discussed with your cataract surgeon who can provide you with the information after a clinical exam and of course should you have any other risk factors mentioned above you should consult your Internist or family doctor as well.

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