Friday, February 10, 2012

Lens Implants and Welding

Question: I have eye lens implants after cataract surgery, being a welder I have become aware of a problem with high frequency current and the wires on the lens implants. Can you tell me if it is safe to continue in the welding trade?

Answer: Lens Implants used for the past few decades do not have wires-except for perhaps some very unusual cases that might have necessitated the use of a suture to stabilize them many years ago. Even then, the sutures were not metallic. If you are referring to the "haptic' or the "feet" of a Lens Implant that assist it in positioning or stabilization, there is really no risk that we are aware of from welding. The Lens Implants used today are made entirely of acrylic, silicone or collagen polymers and copolymers without wires. If there is any question regarding whether an older style Lens Implant has been used, or perhaps if you had your Cataract Surgery in a part of the world and at a time when only older style Lens Implants were available, you should have a consultation with a local Cataract Surgeon who can then determine the type of Lens Implant and advise you of any potential risk

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