Friday, February 17, 2012

Cataracts, Toric Lens Implants & Retinal Tear

Question: I had a retinal tear in my left eye and have cataracts in both eyes and need cataract surgery. I still see showers of black dots and haziness. I have astigmatism and need glasses for reading and distance vision. Does this situation increase my risk of having problems with cataract surgery? Should I consider not getting a toric lens implant to correct astigmatism and get a different type of lens implant?

Answer: The fact that you had a retinal tear that sounds like it has healed and is stable is not a contraindication to cataract surgery as long as in the opinion of your Cataract Surgeon your retina is indeed stable. If there is any question he or she may elect to ask you to have a consultation with a retinal specialist. What you are describing relative to the dots and haziness suggests that you had a vitreous detachment that may have actually caused the retinal tear. In the majority of instances the dots and haziness from the vitreous detachment do settle down and become less annoying. They may temporarily get worse after your Cataract Surgery and Lens Implants but then over time they do settle. There is no current opinion that indicates having a toric lens implants to correct astigmatism increases risks or complications of Cataract Surgery, so if you would like to be less dependent or even independent of glasses after your Cataract Surgery, you and your eye surgeon should make the choice of the toric lens implant.

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