Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cataract Surgeon for Extreme Myopia

Question: Do I need a cataract surgeon who is a specialist to perform my cataract surgery as I have extreme high myopia, astigmatism, dry eyes and now cataracts. Currently I am 58 years old, have been wearing corrective glasses since age 10 and currently rigid gas permeable contact lenses since age 16. I also have had a detached retina and have 2 buckles, encircling and scleral in my right eye. I also have been wearing Monovision contact lenses for the past 10 years. Another question is can I have Monovision IOL's?

Answer: Cataract Surgery after a Retinal Detachment can be a bit more risky than a routine Cataract operation depending on the stability of the Retina and the condition and health of the Vitreous. That said, you should find the best Cataract Surgeon in your area and have a frank discussion with them regarding any increased risks of surgery in your specific case-especially with regard to the stability of the Retina. It may be necessary and prudent to have a consultation with the Retinal Specialist who did your detachment surgery in order to get his or her approval and as a second opinion regarding possible risks and complications. Clearance from the Retinal Specialist would be important.

Further, the fact that you wear Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses must be dealt with in terms of discontinuing them for some time to allow the Cornea to stabilize in terms of curvature and thickness as this will impact the precision and accuracy of the biometry measurement used to calculate the Lens Implant prescription. Regarding Monovision Lens Implants, there should be no reason that if you have been successful with Monovision Contact Lenses, that you can't have the same success with Monovision Cataract Surgery. Find a top Cataract Surgeon if you do not have one and allow them to carefully guide you through the process.

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