Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cataract Surgery & Retinal Detachment Risk

“As our cataract surgery techniques and the technology for removing cataracts has become quite sophisticated, the frequency and risk of retinal detachment after cataract surgery has decreased significantly,” commented Brad Spagnolo, M.D., Cornea, Refractive & Cataract Surgeon at Baltimore Washington Eye Center. “Nonetheless, we are always extremely cautious when performing cataract surgery for those patients who might be considered at higher risk than the typical person with a cataract.”

“Typically, most cataract surgeons would suggest that patients who are extremely nearsighted and who need cataract surgery at a younger age-especially if they are male-might be considered at higher risk,” noted Ravi Shah, M.D. Cornea, Refractive & Cataract Surgeon in Portland, Maine at Eyecare Medical Group. “As refractive surgeons we may very well have a greater number of very nearsighted patients in our practices as these are the patients who initially seek us out for LASIK.”

“I think this is really the case-a considerable number of moderate to highly nearsighted patients have been coming to us, seeking our advice for LASIK for the past 15 years and now are entering the years of cataract development,” confirmed New Jersey Cataract, Cornea & Refractive Surgeon Joel Confino, M.D. of The Eye Care & Surgery Center. “Being aware of and understanding the higher risks these patients might be exposed to is important-as well as being even more cautious to avoid complications such as a posterior lens capsule rupture.”

Galveston and Houston Cataract Surgeon at The Eye Clinic of Texas Bernard Milstein, M.D. also weighed in. “Having had the opportunity to participate in many carefully controlled clinical studies on cataract surgery and lens implants as well as having had the good fortune to watch a few decades of technique and technology evolution for cataract removal, overall we have a lot to be thankful for," stated Dr. Milstein. “With proper patient selection, examination, consultation and meticulous surgical technique we can really offer our patients the promise of safe, effective and predictable cataract surgery today.”

For a complete review of cataract surgery and retinal detachment risk you can review the January 2012 publication of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology or, better yet, if you are concerned and feel you might be at risk, find the best Cataract Surgeons in your area and schedule a consultation.

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