Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blurry Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I have a question about blurry vision after cataract surgery. Is it normal to have more blurry vision 22 or 23 feet away from the body after surgery than before cataract surgery? Is it unusual for the lens to be defective to cause significant blurriness?

Answer: It is really not possible to answered your question without knowing some additional information about your eyes and Cataract Surgery.

First, we do not know how blurry your vision is quantitatively. Depending on the length of time since your Cataract operation, it is possible the they eye is still healing and this can affect the quality of the vision.

Second, we do not know whether you wore eyeglasses and of what prescription prior to your eye surgery. If you were in fact near "emmetropia" and required little or no eyeglass prescription to see at distance, and your Cataract Surgeon measured and calculated a Lens Implant so as to render you mildly nearsighted, you could in fact be blurrier now at 20 feet than prior to your surgery. Your Cataract Surgeon might have done this intentionally if most of your daily activities were centered around near or intermediate arm's length vision rather than for distance. It is also possible that the Lens Implant measurement and calculation did not turn out exactly as planned and you are slightly nearsighted as a result as well. It is highly unlikely that the Lens Implant is defective but rather your blur is due to some other reason that should be explored and discussed with your Cataract Surgeon.

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