Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Multifocal Lens Implants & Cataracts

Question: I am having a cataract removal and lens replacement in 2 weeks. Does the new lens assist in both near vision as well as long vision, i.e. driving? Is it one or the other. I do not recall this being discussed at my last cataract specialist examination. Should I clarify this with my cataract surgeon?

Answer:  Modern Cataract Surgery almost always involves the use of a Lens Implant (IOL) to correct vision. There are four types of intraocular lens implants-monofocal lens implants, aspheric lens implants, astigmatism correcting lens implants and near vision presbyopia correcting multifocal and accommodating lens implants. Monofocal lens implants are the most basic and only correct vision for distance and thus require eyeglasses for arm's length and intermediate vision. Aspheric lens implants provide the same overall ranges of vision as Monofocal lens implants but do so with crisper vision especially in dim or low contrast settings. Astigmatism correcting lens implants also provide the same range of vision as the Monofocal and Aspheric lens implants but correct astigmatism as well. Near vision presbyopia correcting multifocal or accommodating lens implants correct distance vision as well as increase the range of vision and clarity at arm's length and near. You should absolutely discuss the Lens Implant options that might be available to you with you Cataract Surgeon. Not all cataract patients are suitable for near vision presbyopia correcting multifocal or accommodating lens implants. Your suitability will depend on your prescription, the overall health of your eyes and what vision expectations you have along with your lifestyle and how you use your eyes in your daily activities.

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