Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Choosing a Lens Implant

Question: I have a cataract in one eye and I am considering which type of lens implant to choose. Before the cataract developed my vision required that I wear glasses for distance vision and I do not have a need for astigmatism correction. The cataract drastically changed the vision in my eye before it became too impaired to see, so that my near vision was 20/20 uncorrected. I am starting to have problems reading with my glasses and choose not to use them for up close reading as I am getting older-I am 45. Am I a good candidate for multifocal lenses? If I choose a single focus, would the best focus be at/near my most recent vision or matching my other eye?

Answer: Choosing a Lens Implant really depends on the types of activities you wish to be able to have clarity for after Cataract Surgery without being dependent or even possibly requiring glasses. If you choose a monofocal IOL you will have some distances that you will have to wear glasses for-either far or near-at your choice and based on discussion with your Cataract Surgeon. In order to be "glasses free" for the vast majority of activities after Cataract Surgery as you were prior to the formation of the Cataract, you would be best served by selecting a multifocal lens implant. However, you need to know that having a multifocal IOL in only one eye does not allow you to achieve the best possible results and if you are in need of myopic or nearsighted correction for the other eye this will still require eyeglasses. In discussion with your Cataract Surgeon you should determine whether there is the beginning of a Cataract in the other eye and if not would he or she recommend a Clear Lens Extraction and implantation of a multifocal in the other eye as well.

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