Monday, June 6, 2011

Cataracts and High Nearsightedness

Question: I am very nearsighted and have cataracts in both eyes. I also have astigmatism in both eyes and am not a candidate for toric implants. If I have the first eye's cataract removed and a distance lens implanted, how will I use my glasses for the non operated eye, as the glasses will no longer work with the eye which has an implant for distance only.
Answer: Having a Cataract removed when you are extremely nearsighted can pose a brief inconvenience but it is only temporary. You are correct in you understanding that when you have the first Cataract removed you will not be able to wear your eyeglasses as there will be an optical imbalance created by seeing well with little or no need for a distance correction in the operated eye with the Lens Implant and a continuing need for a correction for high nearsightedness. Your option will be to wear a contact lens temporarily in the unoperated eye until the second eye can have Cataract Surgery. It is also possible that the second eye has poor enough vision as a result of the Cataract that it will be visually suppressed when the first eye operated and you may be more comfortable without correction at all in that eye. The best thing to do is follow your Cataract Surgeons's advice and have the second eye scheduled for surgery as soon as he or she things it is possible.

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