Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cataract Surgery after PRK

Question: I do not have cataracts as of yet. I expect I am heading towards them sometime in the next decade or so. I had PRK in the mid 90's. My vision has remained flawless to date. My eye surgeon from that time has retired and closed her practice. I have been told I need pre-PRK records for cataract lens replacement creation. How much a detriment will this be if I can't obtain them?

Answer: If you develop a Cataract and in fact do need Cataract Surgery and you have had previous Laser Eye Surgery such as PRK or LASIK, it is indeed helpful to have your previous measurements including corneal curvature, refraction, corneal shape and thickness. However, advanced measurement technology for Lens Implants (IOL) has come a really long way and thus it is not imperative to have these measurements-only helpful. However, when you are seeking a Cataract examination and consultation you should find the best Cataract Surgeon who is also a Refractive Laser Eye Surgeon as they will have access to and experience with cases just like yours.

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