Thursday, April 7, 2011

Should a Torn Lens Implant be Removed?

My wife just had cataract surgery and was informed that the implanted lens has a slight tear. Is it best to have it replaced?

Answer:   Whether to remove or explant and replace a torn or damaged lens implant (IOL) is really dependent on many factors. The vast majority of times it is not necessary. A minor tear or damage that does not effect vision, impact the position of the lens implant in the eye or its stability may not need to be removed at all. If the size or the position of the tear impacts vision by either allowing the IOL to not be stable and in the correct position or it is a tear that might cause irritation and inflammation then it might be worthwhile having a "lens exchange". No one, including the best Cataract Surgeons wants to do surgery that is unnecessary or doesn't have a very comfortable risk:benefit ratio. Thus the question of whether an explant and lens exchange is needed is really a decision to be made at the advice and direction of your Cataract Surgeon. If there is any doubt in your mind in his/her recommendation it is always appropriate to seek a second opinion from a top Cataract Surgeon in your area.

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