Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double Vision After Cataract Surgery

Question: I have double vision after Cataract Surgery. What causes this? I this normal?

Answer: Double vision after Cataract Surgery is not a normal or expected occurrence unless you actually had it before the Cataract operation and just didn't notice it due to poor vision from the Cataract. Nonetheless, it needs a thorough investigation by your Cataract Surgeon. Double vision in one eye, or monocular diplopia, has an entire range of causes from improper positioning of the Lens Implant used to correct your vision to a problem in the Retina and many other possibilities. Double vision occurring only when both eyes are open, or binocular diplopia, has an entirely different set of causes that could span a number of optical problems but also systemic, medical, vascular or neurological problems-ALL of which need to be investigated. Or, what you are describing as double vision could be something as simple as an uncorrected refractive error like an astigmatism that can cause shadowing that appears as a doubled image in some cases. Your next step is to return to your Cataract Surgeon and carefully explain what you are experiencing and under what conditions and whether it is one or both eyes and how long you have experienced it. This is not a symptom that you should leave unattended.. If you do not wish to return to your Cataract Surgeon, then find a top cataract Surgeon in your area to provide and examination and opinion.

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