Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cataract Surgery and Bloodshot Eyes

Question: I had cataract surgery (right eye) about 13 months ago. An intraocular lens was inserted. During past year I tend to have minor 'blood shot' eye that usually it disappears in afternoon. What might be causing this?

Answer: A bloodshot eye after Cataract Surgery is not a common occurrence nor is it unheard of. The fact that it is a minor event is good.You do not say whether there is any irritation or discomfort with the "early in the day" bloodshot and this is important. You also do not say whether there is any discharge-either watery or sticky or whether there is any irritation or redness of the margins of your eyelids. There are many possible causes of some transient redness after Cataract Surgery including dry eye, minor eyelid inflammation or infection or chronic blepharitis, improper closure of your eyelids during sleep ad on and on, all of which can be investigated and diagnosed and a treatment plan recommended by your Cataract Surgeon. Your next step is to schedule a visit to your Cataract Surgeon and be sure to tell them all of the details of your complaint as well as making sure that they know all of the medications you are taking including OTC eye drops for the redness.

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