Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Eye from Cataract Surgery

Question: I had Cataract Surgery on 3/15/11. I still feel some discomfort mainly at night when I am laying down and closing my eyes. It feels abnormal-almost like a quivering feeling below the eye. I had a black eye atter surgery and am still waiting for some of the bruising to go away. I am scheduled for the left eye tomorrow 4/12/11. Is what I am experiencing normal? The cataract Surgeon said to expect a black eye on the right eye.

Answer: Short term complications of Cataract Surgery such as a bruise can sometimes occur within the first 24 hours after surgery. If there was some factor regarding your overall health and medical condition that caused the Cataract Surgeon to use an anesthetic injection either alone or in combination with anesthetic eye drops it is possible to get a bruise or "black eye". The bruising is temporary and while it doesn't happen very often it can sometimes occur. By all means mention to your surgeon the other discomfort you are experiencing so that he or she can examine the eye and the tissue around the eye for anything untoward.

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