Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cataract Surgery-Does Age Limit Outcomes

Question: My 98 year old mother is reluctant to have Cataract Surgery. Is her age detrimental to a good surgical outcome?

Answer: The simple answer as to whether age alone limits the positive outcomes of Cataract Surgery is no. If your mother is in generally good health the type of modern Cataract Surgery that can be performed is "topical clear cornea no stitch phacoemulsification". This is a complicated way of saying modern Cataract Surgery in basically healthy patients can be performed with eye drops for anesthesia-no needles and can be performed with a very tiny incision that is so small and self sealing so as not to require stitches. So, modern Cataract Surgery is "patient friendly" even for someone 96 years old. However, there are other eye changes that happen as a result of the normal aging process that CAN effect the outcome of Cataract Surgery. In particular, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) can impact the expectations one should have of Cataract Surgery. In addition any other health or eye problems, conditions or diseases including diabetes and glaucoma that your mother has may also impact the Cataract Surgery outcome-regardless of her age. The best step to take is to arrange a consultation with a top Cataract Surgeon in your area for a thorough examination. he or she should take the time necessary to answer any questions and be able to give you a pretty good estimation of what to expect in terms of outcome.

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